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Imminent / Impending Death of a Loved One?



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Nov 8, 2017
I had to do something recently which involved me having to see my aging parents (for one of the last times) in a town which suits them, a town which is perfect to be old and die in. it rained the whole time i was there

To bring a mental health aspect to this story: To put a balance into the experience I was having, I was looking at all my friends on instagram posting about their trips to exotic locations in the northern hemisphere summer, even though theyre just pictures, it sucks :unsure: I should have just uninstalled instagram i never post anything on there anyway

Ultimately i should have just 'embraced the suck'

What are people's stories for this?


I'm very sorry. I relate to the instagram situation. I know what it's like to feel like all your friends are in some perfect place, and you're just stuck. Can you spend more time with your parents? Make memories? Even if it's just something simple. Like playing a video game together or watching a movie together. I remember reading about a nursing home that brought in video games for the elderly. I don't know if your parents would be able to do that. Anyway, I hope you're okay.
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Dec 26, 2015
Hello Hikikomor what a very sad post I am so sorry . it’s a tough season when our parents become elderly and see them deteriorating and having to get on with life at the same time its so surreal and it does change you

Instagram stuff like that, is to me anyway. just cheap and shallow as indeed are all these social media. They are full of peeps who seem to talk about how marvellous their life is and yet they spend excessive amounts of time on these social media or they are bitching about others and indeed their own family cos they would do that irl right. Go figure that one out.

So nope you are not missing out. they are trapped in their own little inventory world.

I mean do you know any of these people irl ?and does what they talk about match up irl that they portray themselves as fab and exciting interesting people and fun to know? Hmmmmmn.