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I'm wondering if I have schizophrenia or something else



New member
Jul 30, 2009
Hi all,

I have been having entities which come in and alter my behavior and speak for themselves - and they are many in nature - they have names and they have personalities. I am also suffering from them saying that they belong from the outside world, and that they are from the CIA or from some other places and that they would like to call me a man of great distinction. as well as a psychic spy.

I wondered whether this was schizophrenia as the symptoms don't always seem to fit the bill - and wondered whether anyone could help me as to know whether this happens in schizophrenia? I have had games being played, where I felt that if I could just get the right words right, then I would be released from this world as it is just roleplay.

I have spoken to my friends [that weren't there but were as entities taking control of my behavior speech and body] that were also here taking charge of my behavior and that they conversed with me. I do have time spells where I can't remember what I have been doing in the past few hours or last night etcetera. I am wishing to call this D.I.D. but wondered whether the delusions and the hallucinations - ? - came with it.

I don't hear voices, although I have once or twice heard something telling me that my wallet would be given to me in a few phone calls time from the company that found it on their bus... or that I would have a prize - which turned out to be a $5 note about five minutes later...

Anyway I am just here introducing myself and just asking a question...
Nice to meet you all...

Thank you



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Jul 31, 2009
Yes it sounds like schizophrenia, but if you are fine with your condition, don't go to a psychiatrist. You will be medicated and that may make your life worse.
But if you suffer with your condition, you might as well go to a psychiatrist.
They don't however have any idea what schizophrenia is.
You can read my own opinion from here:


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Jul 16, 2009
Definantly sounds like your suffering from delusions.How long has this been going on and have you been using any drugs.Could be a drug induced psychosis.
Can be a frightening experience .Dangerous even if you start acting out.Anti psychotics are usually prescribed and they can be very sedating and mind numbing ...short term they could give your brain a rest and prevent you from acting out and doing something stupid.Its a hard call.
As for dealing with your delusions...i used to keep telling myself they were not real.I tried not to get caught up in obsessing over them and told myself if was just my mind playing tricks on me.Bit like not getting upset over a dream.You cant do nothing about it ,you just have to let it come and go if you know what i mean.You can train your mind to block out these things in time ,or maybe it just eases with time...every one is different and suffers to different degrees.
Would be a good idea to speak to a doc about it and get some help....you dont have to take meds if you dont want to