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I'm withdrawaling off clonazepam I'm beyond troubled



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Jan 30, 2021
Wow that is brilliant you are so brave x
You are brave yourself. You can kick the habit. Are there meds that you can tolerate to replace the benzo? Here for support.


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Nov 18, 2019
South America
This is the hardest thing I have endured....I'm tapering down which is bad enough. I have literally been in a dream like state called derealization or do/dr. People may not understand it but it's one of the scariest withdraw symptoms. On top of that 24/7 anxiety nearly impossible to control my breathing.. I'm at home all day. I'm up pacing around than laying down than that's not comfortable and standing feels easier to breathe etc etc it's a war each day. Anyone experience withdrawal?
Last year I had to withdraw from clonazepam cold turkey. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidsm and the combination of clonazepam with the thyroid med were causing me terrible muscle pain. Quitting all of a sudden clonazepam sent me into a spiral of uncontrollable anxiety and depression. It was one of the ugliest episodes I experienced. You just have to be brave to go through the first days which are the worst. Then it will get better .

Right now my thyroid returned to normal levels so I'm not taking any meds for that and I'm back on clonazepam because it's the only thing that makes me sleep. I know that some day I will have to stop clonazepam and the thought of the withdrawal process scares the hell out of me. Another difficult drug to withdraw from is quetiapine. I also was using it for sleep purposes.

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