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Im VERY worried about my daughter.



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Oct 18, 2009
My 15 yr old daughter has had some psychiatric problems during the last 2 years. She's been in a psych ward for adolescent twice - first time volutarily, next time against her will. She had her first therapy sessions at 8 years old. She's faced a lot of bullying.

Lately shes become different. She's isolated herself completely - goes almost nowhere, stays in her room. She speaks very little and sounds unsure about her words...hard to explain.
What is more worrying is that her psychiatrist (which she sees every now and then) told me that my daughter has said she sees "weird things", but won't say they're hallucinations or anything, she says they're real and very scary, and gets very angered if anyone tells her they're not real. She also told her she hears voices that call her and tell her that she is not of this world, and that she doesn't belong here.
She is on medications for depression and for a chronic illness she's had from birth. But I just found out that she has not taken her medicine for almost 2 months, but hides them and then throws the pills away! When I confronted her about this, she only said she doesn't want the pills to control her. There's no way I can make her eat the medicine. She also appears to doubt her food being poisoned or something; she eats very, very little the foods I cook, but foods that she has cooked herself she eats with pleasure.
She has also told the psychiatrist she should die. Not because she's tired of life or depressed (these were the reasons she attemped suicide and got into hospital against her will), but because she doesn't belong here and the voices keep putting pressure on her to get away from this place (in other words, kill herself).
She has also told me all the time (starting more than a year backwards) that all the people stare at her and laugh at her, make fun of her and try to harm her. When I tell her that no, people don't stare at her (I haven't seen anyone stare at her for example when we walk in a shopping mall etc..), she starts crying and screaming "YES THEY DO! YOU DON'T KNOW BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT ME!" She really thinks everyone stares at her.

Could this be something that requires hospitalization? She has been diagnosed with depression about 1,5 years ago, but she said she's not depressed anymore.

EDIT: I put this on schizophrenia forum because to me this sounds a little like schizophrenia(?) The therapeuthist has mentioned "disorganized schizophrenia", but they haven't given her a diagnosis yet.
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Jul 16, 2009
I would encourage you to research alternatives and learn as much as you can about your daughters condition and the ways you can best help/understand her............use hospital and medication as a last resort.

here is a link that might get you started


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Jun 7, 2009
hi there sorry you are going through this the most important thing that you tackle here is medication. if she has been perscibed medication and is refusing to take it this is very bad i dont know if its the same with children as adults but for adults i know you can get an injection that distributes medication for months so hat if they are not med compliant they get it anyway. she is going to experience things that arent real like the people staring a her/ voices etc the bullying thing is big. the most important thing is to get her engaged in something she enjoys a martial art class would be great she can then defend herself against any future bullies and is great way of building self esteem while mixing with others.and for you are theyre any support groups you could join to help you ith the stress you are no doubt going through look at google under mental health carers support. goodluck diddy:)