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im trying to find a way to get better and need yr help peeps :)



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Apr 14, 2009
wen yr anxiety is climbing higher and higher what 10 positive/healthy Things can u do that Makes u Feel Good. write out 10 things and then nx time yr yr anxiety creeps up try every single 1 -10, even if u dont want too

1st write up here yr 10 positive/healthy feel good things
2nd try them out wen needed
3rd write them here and mark out 1-10 if they worked and if u would give them another chance

by other peeps writing it could give us more of a chance to beat this illness

heres my ten

1 watch dvd
2 gardening
3 hot shower
4 bumber doese of vit b/ b6 high does/ magnessium/ 5 htp vit d
5 fone a friend and talk bout positive things only
6 watching funny stuff on you tube
7 yoga relaxation bit
8 laughter therapy free online
9 go for a drive
10 go to the box



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Apr 14, 2009
hmm, despite writing all this down did i do it wen i got anxiety?

nope????? instead i had to get to some1 and tell them!!! wots all that about? why do i feel the need some 1 needs to no instead of trying to deal with it on my own?

any thoughts?
is it just a practice thing or all the practice in the world wouldnt make a difference as i need to let professionals no?


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Jul 26, 2009
bath instead of shower

i see that you mentioned taking a hot shower as a form of mental relief. I have found that a hot bath is much more therapeutic than a shower, primarily because it lasts a lot longer, and you can relax and float. You can't relax or become bouyant while standing up.

To get even more comfort out of a bath, I would suggest trying bath salts.

This reminds me of another problem with my dad. In his current state of mental distress, he is overlooking some things. One of these things is his breath. His breath is currently quite strong and quite bad. Anybody who gets near him and catches a sniff of that is going to be turned off.
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