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I'm tired



Oct 21, 2018
i'm just literally tired of everything. I'm tire of being hurt by the people i love and value the most. I'm tired of crying. I'm tired of getting hurt. I'm tired of having no control over the pain that's killing me inside. I'm tired and i just want to have a control on how i feel. It doesn't matter if it leaves a scar as long as i'm able to forget the pain. but i'm also tired of living and having self harm the only escape i can have. i just want to end it all
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New member
Oct 3, 2018
It's hard to not to allow what other's do affect us, but we can't always control what they do or say. A really good book that had been suggested to me is Safe People by Cloud and Townsend. I will be honest, it is a Godly book, so please ignore if that's not your thing. Are you in any sort of counseling?? i'm sorry for the current struggle.


Oct 23, 2018
I recognise that feeling of being so tired of everything. I hit that stage last year. Nothing seemed to help. I just wanted to lock myself away and sleep the days away, but I couldn’t as I had responsibilities and dependants so on went the pretend ‘I’m fine’ face and it’s so exhausting to pull that off day after day. I used self harm as a coping mechanism and the feeling of numbness that followed got me through the next day or so. But then the next dip would come. I wanted to end it all too. I spent a long time thinking that and I acted upon it but survived my attempt. It’s been 14 months since then and I’m glad to be here. I didn’t think it possible to ever feel that way again last year and I won’t lie, it isn’t easy to get through the worst of the lows and the absolute exhaustion physically and mentally. But it does get better.
Hang on in there. Take one day at a time and try and do at least one thing each day just for you. No matter how simple it may be, whether a bubble bath or a cup of tea while you sit and listen to a favourite piece of music.
My mental health issues were brought on my the actions of others. I carried it all secretly for 25 years until I had a breakdown last year. Don’t let yourself reach the stage I did. I didn’t share with anyone at all and even now, only one person knows.
I hope you can find support and empathy here. You are not alone in having such thoughts and feelings.
Take care.
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