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I'm tired of being a zombie



Jan 10, 2015
Seroquel is the only bi polar medication I have been on. I've been taking it since last June, with good results as far as my mood goes. Excellent results were seen in a month. I was more confident, my self esteem was a bit higher, and I wasn't so depressed. I went to my psychiatrist in the middle of a depression and decided that after 10+ years of being a screw up, I was tired of it and I wanted to be "normal" whatever that is...I Told her everything about the last 10 years and she diagnosed me as Bi Polar.

I'm curious to see if I can try another medication that doesn't make me feel like a slug zombie. Its so bad I wound up having to take it QOD just so I could function at a normal capacity. Any suggestions on what I should present my new psychiatrist with an interest in trying out?

I also have GAD which is currently untreated and Trichotillomania, which is kind of curbed by the Seroquel, but I get episodes where if I get upset or worried I do it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
What do you mean 'QOD'?

I'd say that actually seroquel is one of the less sedating drugs, in terms of anti-psychotics.
Sometimes anti-epileptics are prescribed for mood stabilising, and while they don't have quite so bad side effects in terms of feeling like a zombie, they obviously do come with their own problems.
I took carbamazepine for a while and it did seem to make me feel ok, but wasn't allowed it after ODing on it.


Jan 10, 2015
Oh I apologize I have a tendency to use rx abbreviations lol QOD=every other day. From what you're saying I guess I should just stick to what I'm using now, I really dont want to be more sedated. Thank you for the input


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Jul 26, 2011
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I've been on quetiapine/seroquel for about 7/8 years... It's been a great drug. I found the lower doses are more sedating and if I miss a dose the sedating effect comes back. You need to take it religiously to prevent the sedating. Are you on standard release or extended release?
I tried other antipsychotics in the same family... Aripiprazole/abilify...not sedating at all but was like a sugar pill...
Risperidone seems to have a long acting sedation...you feel it the next day.

There are other mood stabilisers.... Sodium valporate, that wasn't sedating...
Lithium isn't sedating...I'm on this, have been for a year, it's working great with the quetiapine!
Lamotrigine/lamactil? I tried it but it didn't help me personally but seems to be widely used for bp depression
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