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I'm so sorry....



To be not much help to anyone else at the mo. I'm back on to have a whine about myself - and I'm sick of it, sick of having something to cry about :(

Anyway, last couple of days I was "cured" again. Nothing wrong with me etc etc, don't need to keep coming on here, that's what's making me feel crap, hanging out on a mental health forum - of course I'm having issues (no offence) like it's contagious, etc etc (getting bored with the same cycles going round and round).

This morning I was a massive bitch (I thought, PMT, but I'm totally getting my weeks muddled up at the mo, so, not that). On the school run and in the local shop I felt like I had to make conversation and just wittered total nonsense and couldn't shut up even though in my head I'm screaming it. Gone into town to get my hair cut and my anxiety has gone spiralling. I've pumped myself full of rescue remedy - rubbish!
I don't know whether to take a propranolol. Conundrum - I have work later, horrible with anxiety. But the propranolol makes me feel sleepy, wheezy and a bit ill - also not ideal at work where I have to be bright breezy and on my toes.

I'm just so so so so so so SICK of not feeling right. I've forgotten how it may feel to be feeling ok for any length of time.

I keep trying to think myself well, do positive things, not avoid certain things, etc etc.


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Jun 6, 2013
hey, dont be so hard on yourself. You're going to get it figured out. You're going to feel better again. Its just going to take some time.

And don't worry about talking nonsense at the shop. I think we can all do that somtimes. This morning i went to a cafe and had such anxiety from work that i started having a meltdown lol. She offered me stress relief tea and i accepted lol.

We are all human and we all have times like this. She didn't judge me and i definitely don't think anyone thinks badly of you.



Thanks for the hugs. Xx
This anxiety is making me want to either throw up or piss my pants, ugh.
I don't remember having it for this amount of time before, just want it to bugger off!
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