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Im sad that my friends arent suffering like i did



Jul 12, 2021
Now the title might seem a bit harsh but it's not quite that simple.
It's more a question of is it wrong that I feel this way?
I have two kids with my ex fiancee and when we broke up I lived alone for 18 months and spoke to pretty much nobody I was horribly depressed and I not shy about saying that I really really suffered during that time and me and my ex have pretty much been at each others throats since (she even tried to have me falsely arrested for sexual assault with 0 grounds or evidence)
But my ex ended up getting into a relationship with a friend of mine 2 weeks after we broke up (which didn't help my mental state 😅) and they are now married.
One of my best friends broke up with his fiancee a couple of months back and he was bummed out for a few days and then told me he was in a new relationship the following week.
And then another good friend of mine split up with his fiancee of 9 years and has been texting me about the girl he's seeing 2 days after breaking up.
Is it wrong that I feel bitter and a little upset that they've moved on so quickly and harmlessly when I had the worst time of my life or am I being selfish.
I'm happy that they're doing okay of course but I do feel more alone in my experiences because even tho we've been through the same life change, theres still nobody that could understand my problems


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Nov 10, 2019
I used to feel bitter, now i accept that this is how it is for me and that is how it is for them. I don't know why i got this and they did not.

Are there advantages for having been unwell? I don't know, sometimes i think there is


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Apr 9, 2021
Moving on? Just because they are in a new relationship doesn't mean they moved on. They could easily be repeating similar patterns. You don't forget past relationships even in a new one.
Being in a relationship creates new problems. It creates as many problems as it solves.
Thus decide what you want. Some people can't be alone. It's not necessarily positive
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