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I'm not sure if this counts..



Aug 4, 2018
I've heard the term selective eating disorder.

I'm pretty sure it's something I have, if it's even a thing.

I basically can't eat anything unless it appeals to every sense. Like It has to look good, taste good, feel good to chew, smell good, can't make any weird sounds while you eat it (if that makes any sense whatsoever).

There are whole food groups I don't touch. I don't eat fish or seafood, I don't eat vegetables. I rely on orange juice for vitamin C (pulp free).

Most restaurants, I have a safe item on the menu to order. If I try a new place and can't eat anything, I'll just order a drink and leave.

I have safe brands. Generally won't go to a cheap brand or like the store brand unless I had it before.

Even coming down to who prepares the food. If I don't like the look of who's cooking, in terms of trusting how clean they are or anything else, I won't eat it. I've avoided having sleepovers as a kid for this reason, couldn't eat at people's houses.

If I have spaghetti with the one type of sauce I do like, I will pick out every piece of onion in it as I eat it.

I dunno if this is a thing or not, anyone else feel the same?