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I'm Not new to Mental Illness however I am new to these forums!



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Dec 31, 2014
Hello all,

When I was Twenty I was diagnosed with Schizoid-Effective Disorder. Although my Mom thinks I had it when I was before the age of 11. I dealt with it on my own for about Nine years! When I was twenty I was hospitalized and confirmed and the medications saved my life!
I have a Boyfriend (it's complicated) We have been together for Ten Years he also has Schizoid-Effective Disorder. We met at the Local Community College Library back in October 2004. We called it God's Dating Service because what are the chances we would find somebody who shared the same illness?

Well seven years of bliss and then he had a major break-down and now has Relationship OCD.

While I'm stable and he is not I joined these forums for guidance.

I love him, he is my soul-mate. It's just hard when all of his Relationship OCD manifests around me and him thinking things such as "Lone wolf' mentality or "Can't handle the Relationship."

I really need support during this time I should have reached out sooner about three years earlier when he first fell ill and had this problem. I try to be understanding but at the same time I'm angry and take it personally.

He is coming off of Clozapine a major drug he has been on for 19 years with the help of a good Psychiatrist. He is hopeful the medications will work.

It's a gradual process and he should be off Clozapine in April then once it's fully out of his system go up higher on an antipsychotic he is now replacing it with and a new anti-depressant. Also he is getting counseling for the Relationship OCD.

So he is trying his best and is doing this for us!!

Does anybody have Relationship Ocd or know what it entails?

Any insight would be wonderful!



Hi Michelle,
a big :welcome: to the forum....I'm very pleased that you found us, as we are a large, friendly forum with a very diverse range of members.

Your situation sounds very, very difficult and your own welfare figures in this situation too....which you barely mention! Look after yourself too eh? We will happily support you through this.

I'm so pleased that you have found each other and are so understanding of each other's conditions. You're right - it's worth working through if you can.....but it is hard to support someone when you are unwell yourself, however stable. The more I see of mental health the more I realise that we all help each other more than anyone else though....so let us help you if we can.

I haven't personally heard of Relationship OCD but you could try our OCD forum or I guess you could google it and see what comes up and then talk to other people on here with OCD. It's quite possible that other sufferers will have experienced something similar, but never have had it labelled in that way!

How does it manifest itself in your boyfriend's case?

Keep posting to us.
Purple Chaos

Purple Chaos

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Oct 23, 2014

I'm sorry that I can't offer any personal advice regarding your issues but I just want to second what MissKitty says above and to welcome you to the forum. I'm sure you'll get plenty of support here and hopefully there will be others who have experienced what you're going through :hug1:


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Jan 25, 2012


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Dec 31, 2014
Thank you all for the kind welcome!!

I had a good talk with him and I will do some more research on it. We decided to meet up again on my 33rd Birthday in July so he can work on himself and I can work on myself. We talk on the phone every-day.

Thanks again,


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Jun 25, 2013
hello and welcome to the forums
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