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im manic depressive but now a single mum



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Sep 9, 2009
bradford west yorks
im calm right now not manic nor depressive, and it isnt the ill ness that made me leave its been coming for months its just i m worried if , when i have my next appointment with th ep doctor if he finds out im a single mum he will involve social services, i have been discharged from crisis team, and im feeling ok on my tablets, can they take your children away? iam on olanzapine and valium , but i have been told by my p doctor this is almost certainly bi polar.
this is a real mess, my ex partner said he will come see our son every day which i m fine with but he doesnt want to split up, i think maybe this has lead me to a bad episode that landed me in hospital , i have been feeling i want to leave for months even years but never said cause i never want to hurt any one.


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Nov 23, 2008
Bonnie Scotland
Hiya, sorry to here about your relationship. Always hard but worse with kids. It is good that he has already said he will come round every day.

I dont think they will want to take your son away, i think they will just want to have a plan of attack should you become unwell. Or even if you have to go into hospital?

Im sure you are a good mum, it is hard with this illness. Sorry i cant be much help.