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im in a frustrating situation.



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Apr 23, 2012
Hello everyone.

I guess i just need to vent and get support for what has happened. A guy that I chatted to a few years ago- we met on a dating site and chatted for a few weeks and added each other on fb. There wasn't a connection so we both just went our seperate ways but remained friends on fb. Sadly, he died in a motorbike accident- I am a biker too and also saw photos in the media of the aftermath and it was horrible to see. He must have had a painful death and although I knew him- I didn't know him well enough to go to his funeral however all the bikers that can make it, will be meeting near his home and riding along with him on his last journey before his funeral. At this moment in time my motorbike isn't working. Long story short- i bought it brand new and have had issues with it ever since i bought it. I complained to finance company but they weren't bothered. Anyways, i went to financial ombudsman and they are sorting it out. But in the meantime I want to go to this ride out but I know i cant as I am unable to use my motorbike.

I am so frustrated, angry and upset by this.


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
That is really frustrating, especially as you bought it new!
I hope that you get some resolution with the financial ombusman - they're pretty good from what i've heard.

Do you know anybody else who has a bike you could borrow for that day?
Or depending on your money situation, could you rent one?

The other thing you could do is, when your bike is sorted, go out on your own and honour him in some way. Laying flowers somewhere or sitting with a candle and sending your love on?

It's crap that these things always seem to go tits up at the worst possible time.

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