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I'm feeling lost



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Feb 16, 2021
I appreciate you letting me join this forum, I hope I can help other...Below is a timeline of my issue

1/9/2021 My son tested positive for Covid - at this me my family quarantined
1/13/2021 My daughter tested positive for Covid
1/22/2021 I tested positive for Covid I felt fine in terms of depression and no Covid symptoms
Aprox 1/25/2021 I started feeling extremely depressed especially in the morning
I decided to increase my Sertraline from 100mg to 150mg (without talking to my Dr) I also started taking it mid morning instead of at night hoping I'd feel better
2/2/2021 I was still feeling overly depressed so I decreased my from 150 to 100 still taking it in the morning. I have been taking 100mg Sertraline for 3 years at night and it has worked fine
2/9/2021 I had a phone call with a primary care Dr (not my normal Dr) she told me to take my sertraline 100mg at night,
and discontinue taking trazadone as she prescribed me Remeron
I did not start the Remeron (I'm afraid to start another med) but continued taking 100mg sertraline and trazadone…I feel the worst in the morning
I have been taking (1) .25 Xanax in the morning and 1 around lunch to take the edge o4, I seem to feel
better night. I'm just lost, wondering if all the changes of dose of Sertraline and times has messed me up. Has anyone experienced this? Thank you in advance


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Jul 9, 2013
Welcome to the forum mortgage man....i hope your depression eases soon....i have bad depression myslef and know how tough it is.....just remember the depression will pass, you will get better....keep up posting here on the forum for support
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