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I'm considering going to an Al-Anon meeting....



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Jun 26, 2014
Avenue Q in the US
I talked to my therapist about the abuse I suffered for years from the crazy lady and how it is still affecting me even though I have cut her out of my life completely. You have to remember that she said some pretty horrible stuff to me and instilled fear so much fear and anxiety that at times I'm afraid to have my apartment being "too clean." I really need to move past all the trauma I went through and no one should have to go through what I went through. This woman even made me repeatedly brush my teeth until she believed they were perfectly white which is impossible and even made me use a timer with an alarm on it and en electric toothbrush which she would get angry if she didn't hear it running while I brushed my teeth over again. It'll be five years since she attacked me and I had to cut her off for my own safety next month and I still am afraid from some of the stuff she said to me. It took me four years just to accept the fact that I never ruined my sister's life because she had to sacrifice her social life to help take care of me and that she didn't secretly resent me for it. You can't imagine how awful that was to keep that secret from her for all these years all because the crazy lady kept telling me how I completely "ruined" her life to the point no man wanted her and how she had to settle for ten years for an egotistic jerk who became incredibly jealous if she talked to other men or even spent time with me. You can't just get over all this type of abuse overnight. I really hope that the group can help me heal.


Aug 3, 2015
I am so sorry for the appalling abuse you have suffered. It is wonderful to hear you are going to get help and I wish you lots of luck. :hug:


I have been to Al anon and it's good but I would say it's not the answer to everything but a good start especially if your CO dependant .