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Im broken please help me.



Mar 1, 2019
I cant do it anymore.

This life. This world. The people in it. People you thought, with all your heart you could trust. And they let you down. They destroy your soul. My whole life, my world, ripped out from underneath me in one fell swoop.

The nothingness.

The emptiness.

The heart bream. That someone you loved, adored, would do something like this to you. That one person you trust above anyone else, that you trusted with your life. The person who fixed you when you were nothing more than damaged goods. Who picked up up, dusted you off, gave you a hug and whispered "everything's going to be alrigjt"

And the thing that hurts the most, is that is was alright. He made everything better. Made me better in my head, and a better person.

I used to self harm almost daily. And then I met 'him' and everything changed, for the better.
For the first time in my life, I had someone to hold me when it all got to much, someone to care for me and love me.
And it worked. His love changed things in me I never thought would be fixable. For four long joyous years, I didnt self harm. Never felt the need to with him by my side.

But now? I'm back there again. In a deep dark hole with no escape. No roots to help me climb out of the fog.
The wounds from self harm really hurt. They've brought clarity to my mind.

I have no future. Nothing left.
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angry butterfly

angry butterfly

Well-known member
Jun 5, 2011
In similar place myself with someone. Feel so lost.
They say you have to love yourself, live for yourself, but i dont really know how to.
I wish i did. Sending you lots of hugs.:hug:


Well-known member
Feb 20, 2019
Northern Ireland
I hope you are both feeling safer today! Ring a helpline if you can or turn to someone you can trust.

I’m not going to say cliches such as “It will all get better soon” as we cannot know that. But just know that it is worth fighting for, for yourself.


New member
May 17, 2019
I've been feeling lost lately as well... I understand you; I was left by someone I loved more than anything in this world... It's always heartbreaking to loose someone who once was your everything 😥 you don't know what to do with yourself, where to go or who to talk to... Your life seems senseless because you've lost some who made you come alive 😥 maybe it's gonna sound stupid but one day you will find someone better, who will make you feel really happy and who won't let you down... You just have to be patient... I know how terrible it feels without him, you have a full right to feel hurt but don't give up and fight for yourself
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