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Im being paranoid, don't want to, but cannot avoid it



New member
Dec 11, 2015

I met this person, with whom I had a relationship of about 2 years with. We broke up some time ago, due to some mistakes of mine (no cheating involved whatsoever, or agression, or that kind of more serious things).

Since that time, we stayed friends and kept talking and all, but don't seem to be on the same page, as I'm desperately trying to win her back, changed some of my toxic behaviours (really, I did) but she isn't fond of me anymore and wants nothing else but friendship. I'm unable to settle with this and in the past few week or two, been doubting her about where she is, what she's doing, who she is with and what she's doing with the people she's with.

I've left my home to go search for her, find her, and confront her on why she's not spending her time with me, when she knows what I feel, what I would do for her, and what I've been doing for her during our relationship and since we broke up too. I do everything for her and she doesn't seem to recognize it and it's driving me insane, can't sleep with all the thinking going inside my head and I end up texting her about where she is, and who is she with, but as I said above, I sometimes doubt her answers because im afraid they aren't true and she might be doing something else with someone else.

I know I need to give her space, not be over her and all, but at the end of the day I just can't, I end up sending over another text, calling her just to check on her and worrying about her on a unhealthy way. I know it's unhealthy to pratically stalk her and that I should learn to live without this person, but I keep doing the same things, trying to check if she's online on social networks and all and worse really is going to search for her around the city just to be with her in a way that I feel I'm in control, and she can't get involved with any other person romantically...


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Nov 21, 2015
I've never been in a relationship longer than a few month but I'd say 2 years is long enough to have withdrawals from esp if she is your thing. if you try to grasp the soul it may flow thru ur hand like water.

Tbh from my experience idk how old u r I'm 26 but I live in a small town. and I avoid bars so I've been single for like 6 years dude. my status after being dx went to negative so none of the females want to have sex with me anymore it's kinda depressing. I would be thankful if I were for what you have left with her


hey man,
good thing i read this. i was feeling this way about a month and a big ago. same deal was with her about 2 years and i just lost it and went paranoid for a few good reasons mind you, but the paranoia took over and it ruled me. destroyed the remains of what we had for sure. what you got going on is a vicious circle and cycle of panic and anxiety. the only remedy is space and time. you gotta cut the cords, even the spiritual ones or youll keep feeling this deep panic that makes you do this wacky shit. trust me i did the same stuff but a bit different cause it was long distance. you gotta cut the cord and release man. as much as i know you dont wanna hear this and probably wont do it -- you got to for your own sanity.
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