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I'm back



so i hope everyone has been well whilst i have been away.... i hope my lovely people are still knocking about on here being there usual lovely selves...

I left the forum as i decided i needed to get myself some professional help before i could help others....i am still very unwell but yano i am sure there is lovely people here who will tell me off when i start being a "challenge".....

And i am close to going into the army.... Or the territorial army based on my medical meaning my mental health will be questioned but i am hopeful all will go to plan....

I don't know how long i will be knocking about for this time i like to change my habits and pass times often :)....

I really hope people are ok x


yep the army.....i decided i was going so i went to the local office spoke to the man and boom sorted...

i am not sure if i am going to pass the medical though but i have an appointment with a psychiatrist soon.

and it will go from there...and yes lovely i could appeal but would i be able to handle the pressure and would i be able to handle most likely shooting someone...would it completely mess with my head....

i guess these are the questions the are trying to find the answers for.


Jan 15, 2013
:welcome: back :)

Sarah x