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I'm anxious, worried..i need to know the truth and what is reccommended



Jun 14, 2010
I'm anxious, worried..i need to know the truth and what is reccommended

Hi, im 17 years old and live a pretty average lifestyle.
I am bit of an introvert but enjoy meeting up with friends every so often.
Since recently though, i've found myself trying to recall "Words" which i really should know. These aren't exactly words like "car" or "telephone" but maybe like "conspicuous" or "communist" (i actually had to think about the word communist just then for a while)
And it's really got me scared. I havent exactly brought this up with anyone and i know these words are not exactly common day words, but i consider myself to be an academic and also, i'm only 17 so technically i would only be seeing mild signs.
I went through the checklist on:
#6 would apply to me and perhaps #10 ( i get a bit worked up over arguments, but i guess that is normal, nothing serious).
I've never been very good with directions, maps or routes but usually when i drive i can get around quite well (perhaps i am more focused or something).
Another thing is, i have an exceptional long-term memory, i have the tendency to remember small things from the past, like when i first came to australia from england at the age of 3, i said to my dad at the airport "Is this our home now" and i even remember at how i was referring to the airport. I think i read somewhere that people with alzheimer's have a backward sort of memory, where they remember very early memories and forget recent ones.. Im just really quite scared about this whole vocab problem im having, i know the signs are not extreme, but they seem to be for me seeing that i am only 17.
Also recently, i forgot my chemistry teacher's name, and kept thinking of my englsh teacher (they have similar names i guess)
Uh, to add to this, i can sometimes speak fast, slur my words at times or speak quietly, but i guess this has to do with me being a shy person.
I have never smoked (except passively) do not drink at all, have not been struck in the head or anything.
I take omega 3 supplements regularly since the past year, although i had a break for a few months and also exercise regularly. I do not eat out a whole lot often and usually eat at least 1 fruit a day.
Basically the main reason that i am worried is because of my inability to recall words.
Oh and by the way, i can do a 3x3x3 rubik's cube, which i learned the algorithms and then memorised.
Please tell me if i should get this checked with someone, honostly i do not want to wrry my parents or make myself look stupid (which i really hope is what happens, as this would be a relief) in front of a doctor.
Thank you for any input.
So please, i need to know if i should get this checked.
Perhaps i am a bit more anxious because of that movie "A moment to remember" which shows a rare case of alzheimers in a late form at the age of 30.
and also because a few months ago i read of a story of a woman who had this happen to her also.
Another few notes:
I'm fairly okay with familiar faces (although i am 0 at remembering celebrities and sport stars, probably because i do not take an interest)
I do not call things like a "wrist-watch" a "hand-clock" or a "swimming pool" a "small body of water"
If you need any more information about me, please just say so.
thanks again


Well-known member
Jun 4, 2010
SW England
Hi there,

Just been reading that list. Phew, I've got most of them! I don't think you need to worry, you sound like a nice person, just a bit confused. Memory is a funny thing and can play tricks on you.

However, if you continue to feel this way, talk to your parents. Do not worry about looking stupid, if you have worries it is best to talk to someone. If you do not feel happy talking to your parents, a GP can be easier to talk to.

I lived in Australia for some years, it is a great place to be young. Keep in touch if you feel the need.


I identify with a lot of that. I think it's fine, just individuality. I think you should only be concerned if it affects you to a point where it clearly interferes with your functioning. From what you've written it doesn't sound like anything to worry about.

I also have a good long term memory and a bad short term one. I'd say I was fairly intelligent and I have a very active imagination but I can be dizzy in every day situations. Tasks and situations that most others find straight forward can confuse me, and things that others tend to find more complicated I find can come quite naturally. I am very introspective, and also introverted. I have been described as a bit quirky but I'm ok with that.
I think you should go with it and pursue your interests.

Best of luck,



Hi ADrisk,

I suggest that you see your doctor about this matter. Given your worry, it would not be in any way stupid to query something like this.
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