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I'm alright, it's the others

Prince Buster

Prince Buster

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Nov 1, 2009
I used to say that all the time when people asked me how I was. A trip to the cinema this afternoon has made me think that definitely is the case.

Having got generally stressed and wound up by the anti-social behaviour of people in there, I found I could not concentrate on the film at all, and ended up having an argument with the bloke next to me and telling him to f off before storming out and then bursting into tears.

The worst part about the whole episode was that I had been wanting to see the film for ages. Anyone know if Sherlock Holmes is any good? ;)



Jude Law might out Sherlock Robert Downey as Dr.Watson. There's a certain calm and tall energy from Holmes that I'm not sure Downey can convey. I like Downey usually - but it seems just wrong to cast him as Holmes.

They are both out acted by someone else in the film by all accounts. I don't know who it is. It seems that in the desperation to have a "hit" - Guy has bypassed integrity and artistic vision in favor of spoon feeding the audience with bullets and action scenes.

Maybe I'm being cynical - I hope so.

I usually find when I'm at the cinema that a good movie shuts the rowdy ones up. I'd blame the film if I were you as it should have been engrossing enough to keep them engaged.

best wishes


I went to the cinema only twice this last year n on the 2nd occasion there was some people making loas of noise but another guy dealt with them then I was worried about making a noise eating my popcorn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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