I'm about to lose my mother



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Oct 5, 2014
So, back in february while getting ready for a holiday in Norway, my mother collapsed and was rushed to hospital, unable to walk or balance. After weeks of testing, they have discovered a brain tumor. Within 3 weeks of it being found, it progressed from a small one on one side of her brain, to a diffuse one that has gone throughout most of brain in small amounts. She is incurrable, and most likely, assuming radiotherapy works, will last perhaps till the end of the year, give or take whatever happens in the meantime.

My mother, for all our problems, definitely loved me even if she struggled with her own demons. This is her second fight with cancer, an the last one is one she beat out on willpower and skilled surgeons, in a process which would kill most people. Now, she wont be strong enough. She's wheelchair bound for life and incontinent, with seizures that require medication.

I am devastated by this and have not eaten or stopped crying since we had the news on monday. Dying myself seems better than living through this nightmare. I am not ready to lose my Mother. My father is in bits, he is weeks from retirement and was going to take her travelling the world, something they cant do now. He worked so hard for decades to get ready for this and now feels his efforts have been wasted.

My brother has locked himself away in his house except to go meet his personal training clients. He wont talk to us.

I feel like my world has fallen apart and things will never be the same again. Id trade places with her if I could.


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Mar 20, 2019
Very sorry to hear this news.
My mother passed away five years ago after suffering a stroke after a fall and had to be admitted to a nursing home, she passed 4 months later.

Unfortunately life goes on and all you and your family can do is make the necessary preparations and get you and your family ready. Regardless , life still goes on and you have to deal with it.

It happens unfortunately.


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Jan 4, 2013
I'm so sorry about your mother, I lost my dad recently so understand your pain.
Here to talk if ever you need someone.
Just spend what time you can with her, I know it's hard to eat. This is probably shock, try to eat what you fancy as you need to be strong right now.
You will remember all the good times you had together, grief is painful.
We all cope differently.
Take care