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I'm about to go homeless



Well-known member
Mar 31, 2019
South Carolina
I’ve tried everything else. I’ve asked every family member that I know of, none of them had room for me. I don’t have any friends to move in with either. I’ve applied for jobs at countless places but none of them accepted my application or called me back or returned my emails. I even tried dating one of my mom’s old friends but she never accepted any of my friend requests on FaceBook nor did she ever respond to any of my messages. I even tried to get my aunt to ruin her one more time for me but nothing came from that either. I tried asking them for a moped but they wouldn’t let me have one. I tried getting into this apartment place at this mental health center but they rejected my application because of what my grandmother told them. I also tried calling several homeless shelters and halfway houses and all of them either had no room for me as they were currently filled or they didn’t answer my call or something was wrong with the number (ie they were out of service). I feel like I have no hope at this point. And I tried calling IMPACT America twice and they weren’t able to take my call and took me straight to the voicemail. Jesus fucking Christ man. Is there anything that won’t go wrong at this point? I called the suicide prevention lifeline again and they told me to call up my social security office about my mom leeching off my SSI, so I did but they only took me to some robocall answering service giving me a list of options that were unrelated to what I was looking for. I then decided to go to their website and filed a report for fraud against my mother and I’m also about to call up medicaid on Monday to find a new counselor because I never see her hardly nor do they ever answer their phonecalls or voice messages. I don’t want to be here for one more day and if this SSI shit goes south, I’m walking away without saying a word. There is nothing anybody can do to help me, I’m on my own.