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I'm 36 And just diagnose me with BPD



New member
Jan 15, 2020
Sacramento ky
Hey I'm 36 and they just diagnose me with Borderline personality disorder. I have been to many therapist, psychiatric doctors , since I was 20 . first diagnose was severe anxiety. Then depression , GAD , panic disorder and so forth that has all its ever been but to now at 36 be diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder . I find it hard to even believe or take in.
I am so tired of bot knowing why I am this way and I have like said been to many doctor. I always thought it could be adhd as a young child I was hyper , never made good grades and could not focus. My grandparents raised me and they only took me to church to heal it. I need help. What do I do or where do I start now. ???


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Dec 17, 2019
London, ON
One one level, nothing has changed. All that's happened is a refined diagnosis, a more accurate one.

What to do? Do some research into BPD yourself, get an understanding of what it actually means. Talk to your doctor about medication, and ask about CBT or DBT therapy, and learning Mindfulness.

You might want to talk to somebody at a crisis center, to see what advice or help they can offer.

I'm 51 - I've hda BPD asmy diagnosis for over 20 years. Before that, all I knew was that something was wrong, but had no idea what exactly it was.

Don't let the diagnosis upset you, use the knowledge out there to help you make your life better.


i have all things you have. also couldnt get good grades growing up and was hyper. my parents never cared to bring me to doctor