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Illness bringing on depression



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Mar 11, 2009
I have had depression for a few years and my Mum has now noticed that i become worse just after I have had a cold, virus etc.

I am always "up & Down" but tend to hide it well - now she has noticed this link it does kinda make sense. I think it could be where I am so low fighting the illness, i cant cope with it all at once. I just don't want my Mum to think that this is "fine" thou.
Recently i had a chest infection - nothing serious but now she blames my "depression" on this.:confused:

Has anyone found the same thing??


It's quite well known that people who have had viral infections can suffer from post viral depression. I don't know anyone who doesn't feel low after having had the flu - there's probably a piece of research on it somewhere.


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Nov 23, 2008
Bonnie Scotland
I def feel low if i have any illness. I usually feel low then get the illness then have both physical and mental tog. I always say id rather have the physical than the mental.

As soon as i know im getting the cold etc, i try to delegate any jobs i can, and totally spoil myself at nites when kids go to bed, or even when they are up and make it a game, all duvets in the lounge and funny films. plenty plenty liquids and smoothies and wholesome foods. porriage etc.

know exactly what you mean tho. maybe yor mum is rite x:)


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Feb 14, 2008
Birmingham UK
This has happened with me nutter but I have worked out that (for me) the process is psychological rather than physiological. If I have a bad cold say then I can't do everything I want, which leads to me feeling guilty about failing to do those things, which leads to depression. I am aware of this now so try to deal with it :)rolleyes: 'try' is the operative word).



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Mar 11, 2009
Thanks guys, nice to know others experience the same!

Take care all!


on the other hand, I always think that I become ill because being depressed lowers my immune system, being healthy takes both psychological and physical sense of wellbeing. it is part and parcel, which is why it is suggested that you do some sort of exercise and look for contentment.
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