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If your schizophrenia is non spiritual, are your voices just commentary or are they like a full conversation maintained by a completely seperate perso



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Jul 30, 2013
If your schizophrenia is non spiritual, are your voices just commentary or are they like a full conversation maintained by a completely seperate person

For those of you who have non spiritual schizophrenia, apparently your voices are of no spiritual entity, but rather just voices you hear that are the product of your distorted subconscious. Is that true.

Do your voices manifest as a whole separate mind talking to you, as if someone completely separate from yourself is talking to you, maintaining a conversation with you.......

But apparently when you hear voices (non spiritual schizophrenics) is it just comments you hear or do you hear voices that are full conversations, as if from separate people. Im just wondering what non spiritual schizophrenics experience when hearing voices......do you hear full conversations? or just odd comments and talk

BTW, Im also interested to hear the experience of spiritual schizophrenics......


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Jul 8, 2013
The Prancing Pony
I dont know, but at the minute, I dont feel like sharing. I feel like my thoughts have been violated, I feel victimised, hated on and generally quite fed up. but it is an interesting topic.


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Jul 30, 2013
Im just curious what peoples voices are like when its not spiritual. How do you explain them, are they just ramblings in your mind.....For me, its definitely not that way, the voices are separate completely from me.
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