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IDK what to do



New member
Mar 15, 2010
Hey guys im new here and im pretty much lost, i have severe anxiety and mild depression also i notice iam very paranoid... i dont hear voices but im paranoid, ive been seeing a doctor and a social worker, right now im on remeron 15mg and seroquil 25mg. i was previously on remeron for like a year and didnt notice any changes, what i have noticed is since the seroquil iam not at all paranoid which is great but im still very depressed i would like to know if anyone knows a good NON SSRI anti depressant i had bad sexual side effects with them and donot wanna even touch one... anyways i dont want any with addictive properties and i just want one that works... also they havent told me what problem i have.... so please if any one can tell me the name of a good non ssri anti depressant that also isnt remeron i would greatly appreciate it !! thanks


Well-known member
Jul 15, 2009
I'm on mirtazapine and I find that really good in relation to sexual problems, in fact better than before I was on any meds, having been on citalopram for years.
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