Identifying please



Mar 6, 2017
Hi! I have this strange anxiety where I googled and I cannot find anyone being like me. I want to seek professional helps but I cannot do so right now. So i just want to know first what I am going through.

Here is what happen with me...

I have been with my boyfriend for around 2 years and we are very good together except for this one thing. When I find something he does upset me, I always discuss with him about why he was doing that. His answer always sounds so unbelievable and not making sense, however, when I point that out to him, he become upset and insist his honesty. By the way, these lies are minor and nothing serious.

Part of me want to believe him because he is my "perfect" guy who wouldn't lie to me and hurt me, also another part would say but he doesn't making sense! So that has been confusing me for years and I always seek reassurance from him regarding his honesty, i asked same question again and again.

I am getting worse and worse, now I am anxious about any slightest chance that he might lie to me, no matter how small matter it is. I keep asking for reassurance.

Do you know what kind of disorder it is? Anyone has been in the same situation, please share your experience and how you can get better . Apart from this issue, we are great together, but the issue made me feel so unbearable, should I back away from him? or should I fight the disorder, where if I get better we will be happy, but still, I'm not sure I will get better or not?


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Jan 11, 2017
I don't know if it'suits a specific disorder, I'd say you're simply anxious and afraid he might lie. Which is completely understandable. I don't know what kind of lies he's telling you, but if he's constantly lying, maybe there's a problem.