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I'd lost a reply I had written



Hello Rabina

Lovely to meet you.

You said in a previous post 'I'd lost a reply I had written'.

Just to say I have also lost work. Should I be writing something which needs me to take my time, I now go to google documents, type what is needed to be said, save, copy, log on to intervoice, find appropriate thread, and paste.

I lost my work because I was taking too long: you know, typing for a while, nipping off for a cup of tea, picking up the paper, doing the housework, going back to intervoice, typing a bit more, and then, oh blast and bother, was logged out/timed out with no chance of retrieving anything written.

So now I'm following Cal's advice. He's put a link somewhere on how to access google documents. I simply go through google, type in google documents, log on. You can share these documents with others if you want, or keep them hidden so no problem.

Doh. It took me long enough to give it a go!!!! But now it couldn't be easier.

Cal and Rebecca have both said, it's important to keep a record of our documents and I think that's good advice.

Have a lovely day



Hi Terri,

Thanks for the info.; I tend to go slow or take my time so...

Nice to meet you too.

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