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I would like to hear from you please!



Hello everyone,

Im John and qualified counsellor and psychotherapist in the UK.

Whilst I understand and know about BPD and other mental health conditions such as the therapy side and symptoms, I am VERY keen to continue to learn and devolop my expereinces with BPD... as you know you should never stop learning!!

I was wondering, if anyone who has BPD can talk to me about it, such as their symptoms and experiences in their daily lives, and what helps them to cope with it. As you know every one is different.

I hope I am not being "nosey" or be seen in trying to take advantage of peoples condition, it's just that the more I continue to understand this with a diverse range of people, then the more I will be able to help others :)

Please feel free to get in touch.

warm regards


Well-known member
Nov 17, 2010
West Midlands England.
if you are a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist, I do hope you don't practise in my neck of the woods!
I would suggest you read the posts on here to learn how people feel. Also check out the net for symptoms.
I might add that one of my personal symptoms is suspicion of of other people.


Hi bullybeef,

thank you for your reply! I do understand it well, it's just that the more i read the more I want to learn more and more, i dont think you can ever stop learning. Some professionals think they know everything, and I don't personally agree with that, i think you should ask the people who have this condition... rather than just read text books, and i also think everyones different, and have different experiences with it.

Thanks bullybeef for you reply, and I hope you can give me more information as they say education is a lifetime!

thanks once again.