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I wish I didn’t feel this way



Sep 17, 2021
Northern Ireland
So I had a “long distance relationship” with this guy years ago, and he lives in a different country than me and he speaks English.. I asked him tonight have you ever thought of meeting me and he said maybe and then I asked would you like to meet me and he didn’t reply, and we’ve been very close even though we’d never met before but now I feel like I shit because I made him stressed out about it… I’m lying in bed thinking and wishing that I’d just have slipped away because I’m struggling to find my propose in life with everyone and everything. And yes I like this guy very much and honestly would love to meet him and hug him, he’s done so much for me in past when I was struggling, we spoke all the time non stop, he was amazing. I just feel really sad that he doesn’t want to meet me even though he said he didn’t say that, he didn’t reply to the question. I was wishing to surprise him and meet him finally, it’s been roughly 7/8years of talking to each other…

I feel like I have nothing to live for, I feel like I can’t get out of this nightmare anymore 😩😩😩😭 I just wish I could be free 🕊


Well-known member
Feb 7, 2021
Maybe he is busy and that is why he did not reply.
But i guess you already thought about that.
I guess you can only wait and hope.
If he has feelings for you or wants to meet you irl he will definitely write you.

I mean 7 years and he doesn't want to see you? I can not think he thinks that way.

I would say just wait and see what happens.
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