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I went outside today



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Feb 19, 2020
Hi!! So my story is I’ve been on antidepressants for 20 years they would work for a couple of years and I would be fine then they would stop. But I was always able to find another. Well last year my antidepressant has stopped working and I’ve tried so many different meds even the ones that used to work and it either made me worse or just would not work. I suffer from major depression, Gad, and panic and it’s 24/7. I’ve also been told mixed mixed bipolar from one doctor but I’m not to sure about that diagnosis. Well since last August along with all that I started getting scared to go out my panic gets worse. If someone talks to me I panic more. So I mostly stay in. It’s a mission if I go to the corner store when before all this happened I would go to stores and restaurants and out with friends. It’s like my life has been taken away. My family is also on top of me to go out. Which I know I have to push myself but this depression and panic I just don’t want to deal with the outside. I mean I got a text from my cousin which I know he wants to help if I wanted to go to the beach today. Haha!! The beach is 2 hours away and um no. I think baby steps is better. Do you take meds?


Jul 1, 2020
United Kingdom, Stockton on Tees
I am but yet at the sametime i think here I am a grown woman and i have to be proud of myself for going out,when others can do it so easily.
Yeah but they don't have agoraphobia. You do. You can't go comparing yourself to other people. Agoraphobia is a massive thing to overcome. Be proud that you even managed to get past your own doorstep. Who are they to judge?


Aug 12, 2020
I know that maybe this doesnt sound like much but I went outside for a little over and hour today.I have agoraphobia really bad too.My neighbor said hi and continued to keep walking by good because i didnt feel like talking,this may sound like no big deal but years ago i couldnt even do that.Now I can.I couldnt even open my blinds or shades.I am so proud of myself when I am able to do that
Good for you! I have a fear of going out also especially to doctors.