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I was forced to talk to someone and I feel worse?



New member
Dec 2, 2014
Im a young adult and these two people talked with me but it just makes me feel worse I feel like I come across as I was expected to instead of what I am normally
They made me feel judged, they were staring at methe whole time like they were trying to figure me out and I felt like I closed up and I could hardly say anything
This made me feel more upset than I already was from being forced into this so i came across as extremely low/depressed and not what i am like usually. These things don't help at all, yet they and everyone else seems to believe theyre right but the truth is I come across wrong a lot because I can't stand society/rules/anyone like that. Is it OK for me to feel like this? I feel like I'm not validated...


Well-known member
Jul 6, 2014
It's not easy opening up to people I can relate. You need to find a doc that works for you etc...

Some doc's are educated armatures that are inexperienced in relating to their patient etc...


Well-known member
Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Welcome to the forum.

I do think it's a very difficult experience to open up to professionals. Also, the scrutiny you were under along with the fact you didn't know these people very well, makes it understandable that you didn't act naturally.
Hopefully they should take into account the fact that this wasn't a comfortable experience for you.
It's weird, I don't know how some professionals make their judgements without knowing you and then expect you to be comfortable with revealing your thoughts and feelings to them.