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I wantless than ever before



Its amzing really All that I thought that I would be wanting to dopost op I have no desires whot so ever including things like going to gym. Whot for? I dont need a body like adonis,I'mpretty gorgeous enough, I will still go swimming n do the sauna etc n chill out but I have no big plans to take on the world.


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Dec 15, 2008
Well thats great JD - you sound quite serene.
& Love


To experience peace and contentment with yourself is truly wonderful.
I hope things continue to improve for you :)


I hadnt realised that I was quite so chilled out though its all quite nice that thats how it sounds,my friend from the church just phoned which cheered me up because I was a little down n hes always up beat though I asked if the church will pay for me to go to a prayer monstery for ten months its only £5000.
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