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i want to quit meds



I have ocd and I also in the past self harmed I am on anti depressants and anit phyicotics. I feel alot better recently and would like to quit my meds. The ocd revolves around unwanted thoughts like commiting suicide even though I want to live and will always will. The ocd just is annoying thoughts and checking. I told the phychartrist I wanted to quit the meds which she replied its the only thing stopping u from killing yourself. I know this is not true but am scared to quit because she made this threat. I think they r blackmailing me to make sure I stay on the meds so they can line their pockets. I want to quit meds because its scary to think they change your brain chemistry and also I have put on 4 stone. I want to try herbal remidies instead but want to quit the meds in a safe way. Any advice would be appreciated.

mad as a hatter

Well-known member
Jul 23, 2008
think ur pdoc might have a point probabaly ur meds that r keeping ur well might not be a good idea 2 stop taking them u might get ill again and quite quickly

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