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I want to confront my bullies at a high school reunion....



Well-known member
Jun 26, 2014
Avenue Q in the US
It’s something I keep fantasizing about and hoping to feel satisfied with what awful people they truly are and have them feel guilt every time they think of me. I especially want to do this to one girl who was nothing but a total b**** towards me and always telling me, “Shut up. No one cares,” every time I tried to say something which led me to suicidal tendencies. I want her to break down into tears so badly and know that she was almost responsible for someone’s death and that while pretty on the outside, she’s the ugliest person in our graduating class on the inside and that she will never be beautiful to me no matter how much make up she puts on or any cosmetic surgeries she might get. And I don’t care how that would make me look to the others because in a way she kind of deserves it after she bullied me for four years and made me feel worthless. I want to tell all of my classmates who bullied me what horrible people they are and that they don’t deserve to be happy. And to the table with the people who have died, I’d point out the kid who bullied me for years and tell everyone he was a monster and he was never a good person nor should he ever be remembered as such.

But part of me knows that this would probably be a really bad idea. But I need closure from those four years of my life. I’m not sure what to do.


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Founding Member
Jan 7, 2008
i didn't go to my school reunion felt ashamed god knows how they got my adress as for the bullies if i told a psychiatrist the psychopathic feelings i have towards them, looking on the internet none of them has amounted to much there is one whose sucessful

then theres the one, he didn't so much pick on me but he picked on one guy who had a nervous breakdown at school from the bullying, he now races powered wheel chairs heard he had a motorbike accident

it's the teachers and adults i blame most, they were children, as one therapist said you have a right to be angry those who should have protected you didn't


Apr 12, 2019
Texas, U.S.A.
I only joined this forum yesterday, so I'm really late in replying in this thread.

But I have high-functioning autism, a source of lots of bullying when growing up.

It just occurs to me that some of those horrible people might have grown up emotionally by now, and deeply regret their previous behavior.