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I try my hardest but it never works



Active member
Jan 10, 2020
New York New York
I’ve been making some strides. I read a book to help me, and had been sleeping consistently the same time. I thought everything would be just a little bit better at least. But the last 4 days I’ve been breaking down so hard, and today I was just like I can’t do this anymore. I feel like no matter how hard I try I can’t get better. I graduated high school a year and a half now aswell, and so I started looking for jobs and will get help from my sister soon to get a job. I thought this would make me much happier but no. Today I felt frozen by fear. I feel like such a failure cause I don’t have a job yet and if I don’t get one soon... I don’t know. I think it’s best I die. I have no chance at a relationship, no friends, no job, no therapy, and no faith that I will get better.


Well-known member
Dec 26, 2019
London uk
You sound young from your post so you’re just starting out your life. Why do you feel you have no chance at friendships, relationship, job etc?

Maybe just sit back and write down what you enjoy and want to do for work... once you’ve done that try little steps to work towards it.

So if it get a job, start by applying for jobs, have the interviews and even if you don’t get the jobs, it’s great experience for others to come. Treat looking for a job like a job. And then in your free time do what you enjoy, join a class etc. You will most likely meet people like this as well.

Work on you and let things flow. You’re young and just starting out. Don’t be disheartened, you have a blank canvas. Colour that on beautifully 🥰🥰