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I think my sister may have bipolar.. Or just depression. I'm not sure. Help please



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Mar 20, 2015
I think my sister may have bipolar.. Or just depression. I'm not sure. Help please

I just made an account. Im new here. Anyway. I'm only back home for a few more days. I tried asking this question in yahoo answers but hot vague replies.. And one word answers.
This is long. Sorry. Thank you for your time and answers.

Ok. So, my sister is 22. (Virgin.. I'm 95% sure she is a virgin). She's a college drop out that can't hold on to a job for more than a few months.
She has periods/moments where she rarely leaves the house. She can be easily irritated by those closest to her.

She is moody. She has always been moody. When she gets really angry, it's scary. Same when she gets really sad. ... her anger turns to crying and when she cries it lasts a good few hours.
She has a shapely scar ( like a word or something.. Haven't gotten a good look) on her Forarm I'm positive she has self harmed at least once before.

She's smoked pot before.. But I'm positive she's not. Using any drugs at the moment.

Right now.. She is in like hybernating state... Where she doesn't do much. But she's coming out of it because today I saw her working on some crafts. She used to love making stuff with her hands.. And I'm glad she's back at it. ... But I'm worried she's gonna lose interest in her crafts again and go back to moping around my moms house.

The thing about my sister is... Well I don't think she is just depressed. Plus, I'm doubtful she is just misguided and in need of direction. I'm also not sure she is bipolar because I don't think I've witnessed her in "mania". Her periods of (I'll call it) "hibernation" are not to the extreme... But I feel whatever is going on is seriously interfering with her life and potential... I'm not sure what's wrong.. And i wish I was talking to her instead of you guys but she's not in a talking mood.

I feel like I must look after her because I feel guilty for leaving her behind. We don't have the best relationship because of our mother... I couldn't handle mom so I left... (She couldn't handle mom.. Left home a few years ago and ended up homeless for a few days and then back home... I didn't know about this until a few days ago) ..But mom is different now.... Nicer... Yet my sister seems off.

What do you think?
Once again thanks for your time.


Dec 19, 2014
Chances are you'll receive vague answers here too. I don't think anyone here can make a proper diagnosis based on a handful of paragraphs. Most tend to stay away from pointing people towards specific disorders since that isn't beneficial to you or your sister. This doesn't make your concern invalid and certainly doesn't mean your sister can't be bipolar.

Unfortunately, you need to find a specialist, someone who is qualified and can give her an accurate diagnosis. You also have to understand that even once she meets a specialist there's a good chance she won't walk out of the first meeting knowing exactly what, or even if, something is wrong. Mental illnesses are pretty complex and there is a lot of overlap of symptoms between varying types of disorders. It takes time to figure out what the problem is.

I know this doesn't really answer your question but I hope you'll look for a professional. If you really want to help your sister your best chance is to convince her to see someone.

Good luck.


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Oct 11, 2014
what makes you think she has bipolar anyway if you have not seen her hypomanic/ manic?


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Sep 29, 2013
Moodiness isn't really much of an indication to go on, maybe she is just unhappy about something? Bipolar is a pretty severe illness, if she had it it would probably be clear from significant manic phases as well as depressive phases. Even then it might be better to try and manage without meds as long as she's not hugely affected, as the meds can have very significant side effects.

It sounds like you might want to encourage her to talk to her gp about her moods and depressions. As others have said, it's very unwise to try and do an armchair diagnosis without involving a medical professional.


Jul 30, 2012
it's very unwise to try and do an armchair diagnosis without involving a medical professional.
Which is the programming talking...

Your sister is fortunate that you're batting for her side. Not that that makes you any more or less 'batty' than she is... she's batting for herself...

some of what you've described fits the so-called autism-spectrum...

it's all about pathologising the range of human behavior and thinking, especially at the margins... and then I dunno, throwing drugs at it...

if I could point you away from pathologisation I would...

tibet? probably not. things aren't so good there for mad people since chinese psychiatry started sniffing around...

what can others provide to your sister that your family can't?


Well-known member
Jun 26, 2009
Sounds like there is a lot more going on here than meets the eye, you mention she was homeless for a short time and moved back in, so it doesn't sound very stable at all at home. She may be dealing with other personal things and events that have happened, as that is a big and scary thing in itself to be on the streets even for a couple of days,

So it could be other things making her miserable, but at the same time she could have a mood/hormone/issue etc maybe it's best to have a chat, and say if she wont talk to you, then maybe suggest a counsellor...also you can't tell she is a virgin and that shouldnt be a factor, to be honest I don't to my sister about sex and relationships, so don't worry too much but do talk to her more maybe take her out for a meal or something
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