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I think my mother has bipolar disorder



New member
Sep 26, 2009
Over the last 2 years my mother has been really weird, she has changed so much, it all started when her dad (my grandad) died. She started drinking lots, whenever she drank she would become really aggressive and hateful towards everybody. She would say the most hurtful things to me. Then she started having 'episodes' where she wouldnt remember what had happened the day after. For example, one time she had a big argument with my dad and decided to leave, she drove to the beach, toppled the car on to its side and we found her wet on the beach as if she had been in the sea in her clothes and crying. Its like she turns into another person. Each time the episodes have got a lot worse. She was diagnosed with depression and started taking antidepressants which seemed to help a little but she decided she was fine and that she didnt need them. She was constantly drinking and robbing alcohol from me and my brother and also taking other substances, also she started abusing ibrupofens and was taking them everyday because she claimed she was in pain. The ibrupofens seemed to really effect her mentally and she would get really high and agressive from the pills. One time she took 4 pills and drank vodka... not a good mix, we found her wandering round the town totally wasted, shouting abuse at people. Then she Od'd. She went to hospital and had her stomach pumped.... This still didnt convince she had something wrong with her. She gets depressed and very negative often. Last week was her last episode, I was working away and I phoned up to tell her I was coming home tommorow, she said ok...but then suddenly changed her mind and decided she wanted to come and pick me up (a 3hr drive at 7 oclock at night)... As she was on her way, I phoned her up and her speech was slurred (this normally happens when she has an episode) she was halfway to picking me up... an hour later I phoned again as she should have arrived by then, she was completly crazy on the phone, saying she was lost, then crying and saying she was alone in the world, I tried to give her directions, but she didnt listen to me, she kept putting the phone down on me and saying things that didnt make sense. I waited and waited for her to come (she was only 5 mins away) after an hour more of waiting I was really worried because she wasnt answering the phone, I phoned the police station and they told me she was there at the police station...she had bit a policeman and hit a policewoman in the face and also hit two cars while driving. I went to the policestation but they had taken her to the hospital to be sedated, then they took her to a cell for that night and the next day. I saw her after 2 days and she showed no remorse for a whole day, she didnt remember anything that happened. Tests were taken and she was not on drugs nor was she drinking. After this has happened she has now realised that something is wrong with her, I have explained that I think she might have bipolar disorder, she has been very depressed, anxious, tearful, sleepless and nervous since the last episode. Im really scared for her, I dont know what to do, Im scared to leave her..this means I will never be able to move on with my life. Its really difficult to get help where we are because we are english and living in a foreign country. I dont know what to do. Im 18years old and Im just really scared for my mom. Could anyone give me any advice?? Or support?? ... Im not even sure that she has got bipolar but ive been reading a lot about it and its symptoms and it just sounds exactly like my mum. help please... :(


Well-known member
Jul 16, 2009
Its hard to say......she may well have some underlying condition and is self medicating .....or it could simply be that she has some psychological issues that she hasn't managed to work through.The death of her father might have been the last straw and pushed her over the edge.
Either way she is going to need some professional help to get on top of this.
Does she acknowledge she has a problem / has she been to see a doctor.


New member
Sep 26, 2009
she has acknowledges she has got a problem, she had been denying it for the last two years until the last episode where she was kept in prison for 2days. We are going to see a doctor on tmorow.
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