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I think my girlfriend has ROCD and no longer know what to do



New member
Jan 11, 2021
I am in a relationship with a potential ROCD, no longer sure what to do (difficult situation)

It will be a long post, so please bear with me and I appreciate you reading the whole thing.

We met 3 years ago online, we were friends for 2 years and then I visited twice and proposed and was ready to move with her. We were about to move in until Covid happened and had to postpone it but then we found a way to meet again and we had our wedding ready and everything was going smooth, we surely had few arguments but I believe normal arguments, doesn't seem like it to her though.

So after I left my job, my family and everything back and took out all of my savings and 2 weeks before marriage she decided to cancel it due to me "not respecting her" " not listening" "not cleaning as much as she is" and many more reasons that are definitely workable and not relationship breaker, especially that she used to tell me about what she is bothered about and I legit was thinking it's because of corona and her being anxious about it and the stress that was added to everyone's life but she never got me to understand exactly because I simply did not even though I have tried, she also made assumptions about what I used to say "for example, if I asked her to do something on her way to home or something" she would assume I am treating her as a secretary which was weird. The wedding started to get closer and she was stressing and not coming up with a straight answer until last minute she cancelled everything.

I tried to be understandable and said maybe it was better not to go through it, and asked her what she wants to do now. She said she does not want to break up but doesn't know what to do either and things just kept going worse and worse (we are living together still), after that she said she doesn't think she loves me anymore to which she regrets the next day and said I don't think it's true and that she felt sadness and started crying when she said it and then few weeks she now broke up with me but I am not sure how I can go back or what to do since I put everything into this and it seems she just wants me away and I feel unwanted and really shitty at the moment.

I don't know what to do or feel at the moment, is this ROCD? Should I just leave or what do I do?


Well-known member
Dec 9, 2020
women start loosing their minds if the man starts acting like a woman.

meaning if the man starts acting submissive and talking about the relationship etc.. all that is the womans role. if a man starts acting like that she looses attraction and then gets confused.

the mans number one role is to provide security. to play the role of strength. and she plays the opposite role.

a woman is beauty and she is the reward for strength. you trade strength for beauty.

when she gets bitchy its just a shit test. shes testing your strength and your bond to her.

its in a womans nature to want to bond with a strong man. so you only have two tests to pass. one is being strong and the second is being bonded to her.

never act weak. never act like a women. dont talk about "the relationship" or marriage etc... that is all her role. let her talk about it and want that stuff. you just focus on being stronger. and showing strength and provided strength. then she will regain attraction to you. be a man. the more manly you are the more attracted she will be.

for the bond part you just have to show her that you are obsessed with her beauty and sexually etc... that the whole world disappears when you see her. dont say it, show it. it has to be real. women are very good at telling when its fake. then she will feel safe. when she feels safe she will calm down.

she wants to feel small in your arms and to our mind. where her worst is no big deal to you. women do shit all the time to test the man in their life. to see if he will fall over or not. if u dont pass these tests she will get rid of you. because shes thinking of the future.
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