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I think I will end up with an eating disorder



I'm 14.

Since the age of 8 I have been hugely self concious with my weight. My own nan called me fat and humiliated me infront of people by pulling back my dress and saying I looked pregnant. She once said I couldn't have a biscuit because I was fat, my dad said nothing but he could see how upset that made me. I cried for hours that night.

Ever since I turned 13 things have been more dramatic. I was bullied so I overate to comfort me. And I ate little for two weeks and lost a stone and a half. I skipped lunch and ate small portions of tea because there was no way to avoid eating. Not a day goes by without me thinking what I've ate, what I will eat, how many calories was in what I ate, etc.

Summer is coming and I may go on holiday or to a waterpark. I will NOT wear a swimsuit of ANY kind because I am FAT. I will refuse to go to a waterpark or sit out. The only way of loosing weight by then is to eat little again. I know it works and I don't feel really guilty like I do when I eat normally, and I never put the weight back on afterwards.

I don't want it to come to this again, but exercise and healthy eating isn't working fast enough. :cry:

Sometimes I just sit and cry after seeing my naked reflection. I want to wear what other 14 year olds wear, I want to wear a bikini and have fun without worrying so much about what I look like. I am 8.9 stone and I'm about 5 foot 7. :(


Hi Shan

On seeing your weight and your height, I was very surprised that you think you are overweight. It is perfectly healthy for your height, you also must be quite slim.
People do say some silly and thoughtless things sometimes but you honestly have nothing to worry about regarding weight.

If you have a trusted family member (I understand you might not want to approach your Nan on this subject!) then I recommend you do speak to them.
Eating disorders are a harrowing and dark route to take, I think you should speak out now.

Here is a website which has some useful information about eating disorders and the issues that surround them:

Best of luck


The Fallen Buer

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Sep 10, 2010
Oh my gosh that's terrible what your nan did to you. My grandma did something similar once... and so did some random old lady at church once. I guess old ladies just think overweight children are funny...?

But according to your weight, I don't think you could be overweight. I'm sorry I'm an American, but is 8.9 stone about 112 pounds? Do you measure weight in pounds?

I just hope that you feel better, and I think the fact that you noticed you might end up with an eating disorder is a good start in trying to prevent it. I suggest you talk to a trusted adult, or see a therapist if that's possible for you... sorry that's all I got. :/


Stone and pounds are still widely used in the UK and Northern Ireland for expressing human body weight. There are 14 pounds in a stone, so 8 stone 9 is 121lbs. Shan's BMI is 18.9 which is on the lower side of the healthy weight category. Absolutely fine, closer to underweight than overweight if anything, but perfectly healthy. My BMI is about the same, and I'm quite skinny, so I don't think she has anything to worry about.
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