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I Think I Need To Go



My psychiatrist wants me to see her once a week.
I was totally honest with her about wanting to
Self harm. That I'm slipping, daily skills sometimes don't
Even happen. She said if once a week doesn't help
Then 2 times a week continuing my therapist of course
1 time a week if not more. Just heard from her through
Email and she said it sounds like my psych
genuinely cares about me.
But I am terrified. I've only been with my psych for a year.

And, she increased my medication. I might as well go to the
Hospital now. I'm having a panic attack and can barely
Im trying to use my coping skills but I can't even breathe.
This all happened today.
Saw both of them. Seperate appointments.

I think I need to go. :sorry:


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Oct 11, 2014
Are you feeling better now?


Hi Helana. No. Still feeling manic.
It's 4:30am here and I'm decorating
Easter eggs. And decorating my
House for Easter. I can't calm down.
Might go to the hospital tomorrow.


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Oct 11, 2014
I meant had your panic attack stopped?
When are you going to have your meds increased? Hopefully they will help calm you.
Are you unsafe, is that why you are going the the ED?
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