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I think i need some help and support.


blue spark

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Nov 25, 2014
Sunny England.
I have resently won my esa appeal,and my benefits given back.Now i think i am being harrased by job centre plus,i also have a doctors note and a letter saying am not fit for work,also cannot be assessed for 18 month.Now they know i suffer anxiety/depression and a sort of agaraphobia.I cannot deal with people,or crowded places,dont like to go outside and if i do go out i can't wait to get back in.I also have panic attacks.Now yesterday i phoned them and my advisor said she would phone me every month to do a phone interview,this morning i have recieved another appointment to go to the job center for an interview.My ilness won't allow me to do this,and have already told them this yesterday.Now they are telling me to register on line with universal job search.I also suffer multiple .joint pain arthritis.I am gonna shut my computer down for good,because i think the corrupt powers that be are trying to make people dependant on the internet.i refuse to be trapped.rather than let them bully me,i will tell them to stuff there benefits and leave me alone.My anxiety is throu the roof.Also recieve DLA.Does enyone know the rules on home visits.PS feel free to ask questions.
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Mar 17, 2015
the letter may be as they call it glitch in their system.. had things similar sent to me and they say its a glitch in their system and I should not have received it.. hope things work out for you I too have some trouble with jobcentre and I am trying to force myself into work which with anxity just makes it worse
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