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I Think I Need Help



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Mar 18, 2021
Sorry for my bad English because my native language isn't English
I'm 28 years old without a job in a different country (Spain) because I'm from morocco
so I need to learn Spanish too and that's a problem
so I start living here in Spain last year
I left everything behind me friends family the girl I loved like everything to start from zero here
and you know it's not easy every time you think about your family, friends,.......
and the other problem is I'm illegal here i don't have ID papers to find a job so always be afraid to find problem whit cops and stuff like that and its hard to live without money and stuff but its okay
you know when i was in morocco i was addicted to cigarette alcohol drugs like i do everything
since i come here i quit smoking taking drugs like everything because i know my life will be hard enough that i cant
made it harder thats why
you know its not really easy for me when i start thinking about my age without doing anything in my life without any
legacy 15 months without any friends here or girlfriends or only someone to talk whit and go to coffee whit
i was so sociable in my country i know a lot of friends and girls stuff like that you know I'm not bad looking or something xD but now i really know how to feel alone i was never being alone like that i was never being single for more than 1 week or 2 but now i start losing and forgetting how to feel to be whit, someone, i can't sleep at night overthinking about the future past present, like every time when I'm walking alone i hope someone will put her hands in my shoulders and tell me I feel you or i want to help you or being whit you, i search for people or i want to know new people but people here
it's weird to tell a guy i want to go out whit you so i start talking to girls, but like you know they searching for someone whit money cars stuff someone useful, and when they know you're from a different country they think you only want to use them for having your papers or stuff like that, there's a lot of things i can't tell because i don't know how to describe my feeling when you see there's no place for you in this world or this world not made for you,i fight every day to stay a life and not thinking too much about stuff and i keep telling my self you're strong enough to reach everything you want and its just a difficult time because no one thinks I'm excited to tell me that


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Mar 18, 2021
No one think I'm existing to tell me that * xDDDD


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Jun 16, 2020
Hi ismail welcome to the forum :welcome:

I'm sorry for your situation. It must be really hard being in a foreign country without anyone to support you. Have you tried reaching out to people in a similar situation? I know it's easier to get in touch with people if you have something in common. I don't know how it's like where you are but maybe there's a Moroccan community nearby? I hope you can find someone. If I was there I would have a coffee with you. Take care and best wishes.



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Mar 18, 2021
Sorry you are having a bad time. I am the same. This site I am hoping will help.
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