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I think I might be bipolar?



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Jul 14, 2009
For the last few years, I've noticed quite harsh mood swings that can take me from periods where I'll take up every opportunity, be optimistic, motivated, hyper, full of energy, and don't see the point in sleeping to other periods where I am morose, pessimistic, lazy, sleep too much, eat too much, am in a bad mood, and occassionally experience paranoid thoughts.

I'm still young, I'm 18. I know that my behaviour could perhaps be attributed to puberty, or 'normal' moods, but sometimes they are so extreme that I will stay in my room for hours on end during 'down's, and while I'm 'up' I'll get less than 4 hours sleep a day and feel fine, while pursuing several simultaneous projects, of which I tend to have a short attention span to.

I don't want to be seen as an attention seeker or hypochondriac, but at the same time, I feel that I need reassurance, or someone to say that I either am or aren't bipolar or have some bipolar symptoms, clinically.

I know I can make the world very miserable for people that I care about when I'm down, I often feel angry or without purpose, and argue a lot.

What I really want, is to know if there's anywhere in the UK that I can go for a private discussion about it, like a mental health charity? I don't want to go to a GPs, partly because I'm worried about being labelled, partly because I don't want to be seen as a hypochondriac or time-waster.


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Apr 4, 2008
Hi Yarantan the best place to start is with your GP.
Are you at college because there may be a student counsellor that you could ask to see that who you could talk it through with.
Family and friends are also good starting points as they will have seen your behaviour if you have some one you can trust then try talking to them.

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Lupus Albus

Lupus Albus

Jul 18, 2009
Hi Yarantan. Sorry to hear what you're going through. But, seriously you're not going to find the answer on the internet. Consult your GP. If you are bipolar the first step is a diagnosis.

Talking it through with your loved ones can be a big help too.