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I think I may have a personality disorder, not sure what one..



New member
Jun 3, 2009
Liverpool, Uk
It started when I started to hate everything about myself and wanted to be someone else, I started making up people, a whole bunch of people, I would be those people and make up stories and events everyday, I would use the internet to be these people over msn and other websites, I would also use other peoples pictures, I know it's wrong.
I convinced myself I was these people and would do it every day. I fell in love, I was pretending to be a boy and the girl thought I was a boy, I messed her life up so much and still did not stop because I was enjoying being someone else, whilst at the same time I would be myself to people I know and my family, like a split personality. I would also make up other sick stories to get attention from these people online.
I'm now with that girl as I have realised I'm bisexual.
She said I should go see a doctor as she thinks I'm mentally ill, she said I must always be lonely..

Any idea?
I've never talked to anyone about this.. should I see a gp?


Aug 20, 2009
into the unknown


i too was like you, thinking i was someone else and making up stories to get people to like me and feel sorry for me in equal amounts. i also became a serial sexual predator, having lots of unsafe sex and unable to form any lasting relationships. it all ended 8 years ago when i was admitted into the local psychiatric hospital. i have since been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder which explains my actions and knowing i am not evil just ill helps. i would go to your gp and be totally honest with him and ask for help. regarding your sexuality, do whatever you are comfortable with and most importantly keep yourself safe and happy. it is a tough journey you are going on and i hope you get the answers you are looking for. remember you are not alone in your feelings, you just have found the courage to face them.
good luck and take care, :)
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