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I think I have anxiety please help and advise me xx



May 26, 2020
So a bit of back ground..

I recently had a baby 3 weeks ago, having a baby is hard enough with 2 older children but also while them being off due to schools being closed and then having a baby in the middle of a pandemic isn’t the best..

The last couple of days my husband has gone back to work, he works 6 days a week so leaves me gone with the kids 12 hours a day..

On Saturday I started with some chest pains, after googling which I know I shouldn’t I then went to the hospital last night to get checked out, they did a blood test to see if there were any clots which come back okay, there was however a blood test they couldn’t do due to only having a baby 3 weeks ago the test would be inconclusive, had a chest X-ray which was fine then an ecg which was fine, I have come home with the same pain and then started to google it again, the more I google the more aches and pains I’m finding myself with almost as if I’m making myself have these symptoms.

i explained this to a close friend, she’s told me I’m suffering anxiety, I also have the chest pain, a lumpy feeling in my throat, aches and pains, on and off headache, tired..

There’s obviously nothing cardiac wrong as been checked, what would you say this was?


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Feb 27, 2020
Nashua NH
Anxiety and panic attacks can cause chest pains
and also aches and pains in the body as well.
I’d chalk it up to situational anxiety unless it continues. If it gets worse or becomes longer term I might visit your doctor for further investigation or to see if he might prescribe meds. :hug: