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I think I have an eating disorder


Why am i like this

May 14, 2019
Hi everyone, I signed up today because I think I’m suffering from some kind of eating disorder. I don’t want to eat, I’m fat and I just don’t want food anymore. I don’t eat if I can help it but I live at home with my mum so when she makes evening meals I have to eat them so she doesn’t notice anything’s wrong but I purge as soon as I can after eating. I have a long history with my mental health, I used to self harm regularly and I went a week once without eating at all but I’ve been okay for a few years, as okay as I can be anyway. I don’t know why I’ve started this again, it’s like I have a voice in my head that’s telling me I don’t deserve to eat
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New member
May 15, 2019
I think maybe you might, I relate to the thought of: not deserving to eating/ deserving to starve. Um lol I'm no doctor but I get what u mean if Ur confused about it. Like I've struggled for quite a bit and spoke to therapists and I'm honestly still sceptical if I really have one. Idk abyway, if ur purging regularly and it's seems like it's becoming a bit of a habit then I think it would be safe to assume u might have one, if it's something you want to stop, definitely speak to Ur mum and think about going to your doctor before it gets out of hand and dangerous x
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