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I think I can be in a depression, please I don't know what to do



New member
Nov 11, 2020
Hi everyone,
I just joined this forum because I think it can help me so much.
I just want to talk about my case because I really need to know if this is a depression because I think it can be and I'm afraid.
I've been like this since 2018, i will sumarize this brievly: when I was a child I could see colors, lights, shadows... for society I've been always blind but that I could see helped me a lot. But I had a problem on my right eye, the only one who could see, and I lost that.
My memories of that first months aren't clear, I only wanted to cry sleep, cry, sleep... you know? I didn't want to live, I felt sad every day, every time...
Suddenly I felt better, i wanted to live again, I felt good!
But from some months ago to now I feel again the dark, and now is my family who hurts, concrectly my mom, she said me that I'm fat because I don't want to go to walk and that I'll get ill. But what happens to me is that I only have forces to go from my bed to my desk to follow my online classes, I feel tired, sad, I can't sleep well...
Please I'm afraid as I said at the begining of this post and I need help, if you think is not depresion but you can say me what's it I would be vvery grateful.


May 25, 2020
The way you feel in the dark and lacking motivation could be depression. The best thing would be to talk to your doctor about how you feel so you can get support.


Well-known member
Forum Safety Team
May 14, 2020
Hi Enaaic, what you describe might be depression and it would be good to reach out for help from a professional. Which can help you pull through.

At least welcome to the forum and you will find a lot of support from the forum :hug:


Well-known member
Aug 14, 2018
Music helps me. Music therapy or listening to good and uplifting songs in youtube makes me feel and think better.

Also doing what I love to do which is writing helps me too. What do you love to do? What are you good at? Is it cooking, baking, gardening, doing arts and crafts? Do it and it will make you happy and even be successful.
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