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I suspect I am being bullied at work, need advice



Well-known member
Oct 5, 2014
Ok so Ive been employed by my company for over 2 years now, and something is bothering me I cant get past. I work at our leisure centre, and our line manager seems to have a personal problem with me.

When I first started, I was thrown in the deep end with no training, he knew this and still criticised me brutally, never showing any positivity. Around this time, I heard talk from other staff members he was saying I would 'deface the company, and he would need to put the business first. At first, I thought it was just gossip and hazing, and time goes on.

I start noticing things going on though that begin to bother me. The line manager's criticisms and negativity never end. He has a stake in every job role that goes out, and final say in who does what. Three jobs have gone out over the last year. I applied for all of them, as all of them are my job description with a little extra, or more hours (I wasnt contracted initially). Each time I was advised by my superiors I was the strongest candidate, and I still never got the job. Baring in mind i am a receptionist, look at this.

1. The first person, i admit, was better, I have no problem with this. She was older and more used to the line of work. This is fine

2. Second person who gets it turns out to be computer illiterate and doesn't fulfill duties, he is somehow still here.

When these first two came up, i was then told my responsibilities and hours were being cut. I am now being discoraged from selling memberships, doing banking or anything else financial for the leisure centre.

Then comes the third job. It's a supervisor role, which legally required the person to be 18 years old at minimum. Im advised once again Im the best candidate.

a 16 year old gets it, and Im told I cant have the job because it has to be a girl (which is 1. Not legal under the UK equality act unless justified by specific reasons such as not having men in a womens abuse shelter) and 2. Shes not even old enough to legal meet the jobs age. I was told I would no longer be able to work for the company.

I kicked up a shitstorm by filing that to head office. The centre got investigated. I had a sit down meeting with the manager and line manager, and they didnt want it to go public that this had happened. I was offered a contract job of 11 hours, but the line manager protested and said I was 'bad at my job because Im not selling memberships' which if he paid attention to his horseshit, was one of the things I was told was no longer my responsibility and was actively discouraged from doing. A few months have gone by since then but something came up this week

Ive been diagonised with a hernia in my spine that makes it a bit hard for me to carry heavy objects and has weakened my legs. My line manager finds out and says the following to me

'Why are you even working here? I need to think about the business' (calling back to the original supposed comments he made about how shit he thinks I am because I have a history of depression that effected my confidence when I first started work with NO TRAINING). That last comment felt like a thinly veiled threat to my employment status, and I feel like he's singling me out at work.

To put that last comment in more perspective, we have an employee who does the same thing as me with a serious heart condition that prevents him from going up stairs or doing pretty much any duties at work that arent desk based.

There is no excuse for this and I feel like I should be making a complaint if it carries on.


Well-known member
Dec 26, 2015
This sounds so unfair a bit like gas lighting where folk kinda mess with your head and you cant quite get the solid facts and they know this.

Me I would be keeping a journal of what is happening dates times of what happened in case I was tempted to take it further I realise that you have done this already but it maybe needs to go up the tree a bit more. I mean have your superiors investigated this individual .

I wonder if other folk have left because of this individual which if this is the case then the line manager is a liability to the company as the better folk will jump ship and find other employment. And then you get left with “yes” folk

Each time I was advised by my superiors I was the strongest candidate, and I still never got the job. Baring in mind i am a receptionist, look at this.
Do you know if this individual has caused problems for others the line manager I mean seeing as your superiors ….this line manager is jeopardising your career it doesn’t get more serious than this .