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I substantially reduced my voices without drugs.



Well-known member
Feb 2, 2019
one day I discovered that plastic materials reduced my voices. I also watched a video on Youtube where someone demonstrated that a NIA device cannot detect brain waves through aluminum foil.

so I built a hat out of plastic bubble wrap and aluminum foil. the voices went away for a while. they eventually came back but weaker.

this really works. I feel like such a dumb fool for not trying this 18 years ago when I first thought about making a tin foil hat. I thought that is just silly but it ends up it works. aluminum foil blocks brain waves, both coming in and going out.

I first made a hat out of the small plastic bubble wrap, using duct tape. I then lined the inside and outside with aluminum foil. it is comfortable, I work at home, no one sees me wearing it. I even sleep wearing it sometimes.

one of the voices told me to crumple up the aluminum foil, it will block the voices. so I did a patch layer that has crumpled foil but have not tested it yet. I only put the patch over the area where I hear the most voices

you need to cover as much of your head as possible, including under the ear. the hat needs to be as tight against your head as possible. a bit of space reduces its effectiveness. it cost me maybe $10 to make this and it works.

I have a theory that aluminum screening (such as a bug screen) can also help reduce voices but have not tested it yet.

at some point I hear the voices saying "can you hear me". when this happens, that means they do not know if I can hear them. that means it is working. if you get to that point, do not respond. do not repeat any word that the voices say. for example if they say 'canada' do not say that word, just ignore it. do not repeat any phrases you hear, it is part of the process they use to tune in on your brain waves.

voices come from outside of you. they do not come from within. the psychiatric community is wrong.

now I sometimes have a dream and instead of seeing a long drawn out dream I just see 1 second and it stops, when I wear my hat. It is important to cover your eyes while you sleep with the plastic and aluminum foil

I also bought a plastic raincoat with a hood. I wear this sometimes when I sleep because it is more comfortable. it blocks some of the weird activity but not much. but it is progress.

I plan to use velcro to make the hat a better fit.

now that I am safe when I am at home, the voices are more talkative when I go out and walk around the city, when before they were always quiet. I am working on a baseball cap i can wear when I go outside, just using a think sheet of foil on the inside of the cap.

in a few weeks I will report back to you if I get rid of these evil things 100%

trust me this works. it worked for me.


Well-known member
Mar 15, 2019
I'm really glad this is working for you and that you have gained, what sounds like, a huge level of control over the voices. I don't suffer with hearing voices personally. I am very pleased you are feeling better and making positive steps to reduce your suffering ♡ thank you for sharing
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